Monday, February 21, 2011

New Census Numbers Double Size of Hispanic Republican Conference

AUSTIN – The new United States Census indicates that the newly formed Hispanic Republican Conference has effectively doubled in size. The new data shows 37 House members who are eligible for membership in the Conference.

"The new census data shows what many have been saying for years, Hispanics are driving the tremendous growth that Texas has experienced this last decade," said Rep. Aaron Peña, Chairman of the Hispanic Republican Conference. “Those numbers are reflected in communities across many legislative districts, which is a boon for the Conference. Our ultimate agenda is to give Hispanics a conservative choice and force the parties to compete for votes rather than take this important community for granted.”

With 37 members, the group could include over 1/5 of the Texas House of Representatives. Members whose districts comprise over 30% Hispanic population are able to join as associate members, and those whose Hispanic populations comprise over 40% are able to join as voting members of the conference. The Conference offers membership to 13 voting members and 24 associate, non-voting members.

The conference will meet to discuss issues related to all Texans but will focus on examining those of particular significance to the Hispanic community. The Hispanic Republican Conference can be followed on twitter at HRCofTexas and on Facebook.

The HRC of Texas is led by Chairman - Aaron Peña (R-Edinburg); First Vice-Chairman - Jose Aliseda (R-Beeville); Vice-Chairman of Administration - Dee Margo (R-El Paso); Vice-Chairman of Financial Affairs - Raul Torres (R-Corpus Christi); Vice-Chairman of Legislative Affairs - Larry Gonzales (R-Round Rock); Vice-Chairman of Membership - John Garza (R-San Antonio).

The Conference’s mailing address is: 1108 Lavaca, Suite 110-188, Austin, Texas 78701.

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