Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sanctuary Cities and the HRC

At the beginning of this session Governor Perry included "sanctuary cities" as an emergency item to be addressed by the Legislature. The legislation coming before the body seeks to address concerns regarding cities, counties and other subdivisions of government enacting ordinances that prevent lawful enforcement of state and federal immigration laws.

On Friday, May 6th, House Bill 12, the so called "sanctuary cities" bill is scheduled for debate in the Texas House. In anticipation of the debate and due to the interests of many the officers of the Hispanic Republican Conference of Texas have gathered to discuss various options in addressing the legislation.

Because the bill may raise sensitive issues of ethnicity and race, the conference wishes to have a positive influence on the debate. It will submit a number of constructive amendments, including the controversial issue of racial profiling. Speaking for the membership I can say that is our hope to make improvements to the bill and to guard against any nonconstructive measures pushed forward.

The Hispanic Republican Conference of Texas was organized to study issues related to all Texans but will focus on examining those of particular significance to the Hispanic community. House members whose Hispanic populations comprise over 40% are voting members of the conference. Those whose districts comprise over 30% Hispanic population are able to join as associate members.

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